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What is a Chronotherm?
A Honeywell Chronotherm is a programmable thermostat that controls
your heating system, so that you can have comfortable temperatures
when you are at home and energy savings when you are out. These
instructions explain how to program and operate your Chronotherm to
get the most comfort at the least cost.
What will the CM67 Chronotherm do for me?
Attractive slim styling makes it ideal for location in any room in
your home
7 day program lets you set the CM67 to match your weekly
6 daily independent temperature levels let you set any 6
temperatures from 5 to 30°C at any time each day, to match your
daily lifestyle
Party button lets you temporarily maintain (or adjust) the current
temperature for 1 - 23 hours. Useful when you have friends round
or go out of the house for a short while
Day Off button copies Sunday’s program into tomorrow so that
you can make the CM67 follow the Sunday program if you have a
day off during the week
Holiday button saves energy by letting you reduce the tempera-
ture for 1 to 99 days while you are on holiday, returning to normal
operation on the day you return
Memory holds the user program indefinitely so that it is never lost
even if you take the batteries out
Outside Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted
to the CM67 to display the outside temperature
Telephone Interface (optional accessory) can be fitted to the
CM67 to allow remote setting of the temperature by telephone
Remote Temperature Sensor (optional accessory) can be fitted
to the CM67 to control the temperature from another room
How do I install the batteries?
1. Lift up the front flap to reveal the battery compartment. Open the
battery compartment by inserting a coin underneath the bottom
right edge of the flap and lift it out.
2. Pull the paper tab out to activate the 2 AA LR6 Alkaline Batteries
included and push the battery compartment firmly back into the
front of the unit. After a pause the unit will now display information.


3 Remote Temperature Sensor Accessory
The Remote Temperature Sensor accessory can be fitted to your
Chronotherm to control the temperature of another room where it is
inconvenient to locate the Chronotherm e.g. commercial premises
where the public may adjust buttons.
4. Telephone Interface Accessory
The Telephone Interface accessory can be fitted between your
Chronotherm and telephone to allow remote temperature setting by
telephone. When activated by making a phone call to your home and
keying a special code, the Telephone Interface will set the
Chronotherm temperature to 21°C and show the symbol. Normal
operation of the Chronotherm will be resumed by RESETTING the
output at the Telephone Interface Accessory or by re-dialling and
keying in the code for normal operation. The remote temperature
setting by telephone only works when the setting slider is in the
AUTOmatic, MANual or OFF positions.
Can I use my Chronotherm to control my air-
conditioning system?
Yes. Please refer to your installer for more information.
Since 1885 Honeywell has been a major player in the development of
control systems for home comfort.
The wide range of products created in its Research Centres, including
temperature, safety and energy saving controllers, have brought many
benefits to users world-wide and earned Honeywell unmatched
Honeywell is the world leader in comfort control both in commercial
and domestic buildings. Its products offer you optimum temperature
control and cost saving.
The new CM60 Chronotherm series represents the latest stage of
Honeywell’s continuous technological development and commitment.
T6360 Room Thermostats
The T6360 mechanical thermostat is a simple but effective control for
a wide range of hydronic heating, fan-coil air-conditioning and
ventilation systems. A selection of extra features such as lamps and
switches ensure a model is suitable for most applications.
CM61 Daily Digital Chronotherm
This one day digital chronotherm is designed for people who do not
require a different program every day of the week. It has 6 time
temperatures, holiday program and will accept any of the add on
Electronic Radiator Controller
The electronic radiator controller “Rondostat” allows you to easily
increase your comfort in the home by controlling the temperature
independently in different zones and radiators. The control fits easily
onto most of the existing radiator valves and can be programmed for
every day of the week or set manually by turning the round knob.
CT200 Set-back Thermostat
The CT200 is a simple-to-use set-back thermostat that offers precise
comfort control from its electronic thermostat and the possibility of
energy savings through its set-back operation. With only three buttons
on the control, setting the comfort and economy temperatures is
straight forward. The CT200 can be set for a timed period of either
comfort or economy temperature from 1 to 19 hours.
CM 31/37 Analogue Chronotherm
The simplest chronotherm with the same attractive style as the CM61/
67 and designed for people who prefer the traditional way of setting
the time. Available in a daily (CM31) and weekly (CM37) versions. This
product will not accept any of the add on modules.
Trouble-Shooting Guide
Blank Display
Display shows flashing symbol
Display works but heating does not
switch on
Heating switches ON/OFF too slowly or
Temperature swings between too hot
and too cold
Display shows symbol
Possible Cause
No batteries
Battery orientation
Exhausted batteries
Improper battery cartridge insertion
Batteries need replaced
Power to boiler switched OFF
Program does not call for heat
Chronotherm not connected to boiler
Chronotherm not set correctly for your
Chronotherm not set correctly for your
Fault in the Chronotherm
Check batteries are in the battery compartment and that the
paper tab has been pulled out
Check that the batteries have been installed in the correct
Replace batteries
Remove battery cartridge and re-insert
Change the batteries as described previously
Check that the boiler has power e.g. look for a light or gauge
working on the control panel
Move the slider to the MANual position and press the
button to increase the temperature a few
degrees above the current room temperature. The heating
should come on after a few seconds.
Call installer to check electrical connection between the
Chronotherm and the boiler
Call installer
Call installer
Remove battery cartridge and re-insert. If the symbol
does not clear itself in a few minutes call the installer

Comfort Solutions

What if something happens to my heating system? How can I check that the Chronotherm is working?
See the troubleshooting guide below. If you need assistance after this call your installer. The Chronotherm should only be opened or removed by a
qualified professional to prevent possible injury from electric shock.

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